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Farol do Calcanhar

Also known as Touros Lighthouse, is an active lighthouse in Touros, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.
At a height of 203 feet (62 m) it is the nineteenth tallest "traditional lighthouse" in the world, as well as the tallest in Brazil, and the second  tallest active concrete lighthouses in the world and the talles in Latin America.


The lighthouse is strategically located on the beach of Cape Brazil or the Corner of Brazil (Esquina do Brasil) the Ponta de Calcanhar, in Touros, where the Brazilian coast forms a right angle also called the "Esquina do Continente" (corner of the continent), near the northern end of the great curve of the cape of São Roque, the northeastern shoulder of South America.

It alerts ships to a coral reef located about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) offshore.
A spiral staircase of 277 steps leads to an observation platform; a 21-step ladder leads to the light.

The site also includes several one-story lighthouse keeper's houses and the light station has a resident keeper.
The site is open, and the tower is open to the public but not every day.
We check this out for you.

Touros, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Year first constructed: 1912
Year first lit of the actual lighthouse: 1943
Construction: Concrete
Tower shape: Truncated cone strengthened by four vertical ribs
Markings/Pattern: Black and white horizontal bands
Height: 203 feet (62 m)
Focal Height: 243 feet (74 m)
Range: 38 nautical miles (70 km; 44 mi)
Characteristic: white flash every 10s
Admiralty number: G0164NGA number: 110-17836
ARLHS number: BRA-035, BRA-258

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