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casas de praia com piscina Natal RN temporada e a venda

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km 0 BR-101
Between Natal and São Miguel do Gostoso.
Marco Zero.
Esquina do Brazil.
Farol do Calcanhar.
Rio Grande do Norte (RN)

Closest point to Europe.

The nearby fishing village of Touros 9 km with 35.000 inhabitants features
banks (You can get Reais with foreign debit and credit cards in Touros and Natal) , hospital, supermarkets, and markets.
The region (Litoral Norte) features all kind of amenities and spectacular Seaside Escapes like Gostoso (Sao Miguel do Gostoso) 18 km (kite surfing, surfing, water sports, hotels, restaurants and bars) and Cajueiros 7 km, Perobas 20 km (diving, snorkeling, boat trips), Maracajau 40 km (diving, snorkeling, water park, boat trips)Genipabu 70 km (adventurous buggy trips on the beach and in the dunes, Carrefour North with cinemas).Also adventurous buggy and 4x4 trips all the way up to Galinhos 89 km, Canoa Quebrada 376, Fortaleza 526 (capital of Ceara), 410 km Taiba, 620 km Jericoacoara.
Also Natal (Igapo bridge) 84 km, Ponta Negra and Via Costeira 100 km, Pipa 130 km,Ponta Negra (Natal) 100 km (North shoppings, Praia Shopping, supermarkets, Carrefour South, restaurants, bars, nightlife, cinemas, ...).
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