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€ 29.000 ( promotional price in case the Buyer uses it for rental income ).

Spacious Cottage with verandas, pool and garden.
Open plan kitchen with bar.
Bathroom with connection to a tropical backyard.

Private garden with
private pool and jacuzzi ( whirlpool ) spa with deck and outdoor bar.

Tropical garden with BBQ, ( extra ) outdoor shower and palms.
There is option to add one or two suites or rooms ( we can send the link of a 3D ).
Very well naturally ventilated but also foreseen for air-conditioning.
pre-installation for large flat screen television.

High rental income guaranteed.
Very good return on investment.


Crystal clear drinking water, purer than mineral water in taps and showers.
The cold crystal water from the mains has a temperature of 28 °C.

KM 0 BR-101 ( Brazilian Route 66 )
At the cape of Brazil.
Next to the second tallest lighthouse of the world.
Between Natal & São Miguel do Gostoso
RN - Brazil



The owner and his guests can make use of the amenities and social area of the project.

The actual plans can be adapted according to the wishes of the buyer.

As an exception in this site this page contains images as well as a video that are not originating from one of our many build houses, but originating from a 3D plan in sketchup. 
Whenever this is the case we give a warning like here in red.

We did so in this case, because the model is really exceptional.

ask us for the
actual price in Euro, as it could be significantly lower than the estimated price here.
We have to indicate a higher price because of exchange fluctuations as currency valuations move up and down.
imagem eletronica de um chalé de luxo
imagem eletronica de um chalé de luxo
imagem eletronica de um chalé de luxo
real photos of a variant of the Cottage Luxo
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