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with stay in bangalos & beach villas with private pools.

Best all year long climate.
Best location & accommodation for kite surfers

Ideal location for the advanced  kite surfer.
Very convenient and strategical location for all levels of kite surfers right in the center of all types of beaches and wind.
Ideal accommodation for groups of kite surfers, friends and/or family to enjoy nature and to relax.

Best wind stats of Brazil and Latin America
We have partnership with the best coaches and trainers that live on site for you to learn kite in total safety.
We have partnership with "Amigos do vento" ( Mario ).
Restaurant with plenty of choice for athletes.

We can pick you up at the airport
We can organize trips to incredible spots to kite ... and they are just around the corner.
We can organize excursions.


Best wind stats
kite village
things to see and to do

Paraiso do Brasil is an uncrowded and convenient kitesurf set up in pure paradise.

The advantages of kiting and kiteboarding at Paraiso do brasil are endless; 
Paraiso do brasil is designed for kiters and we truly recommend a kiteboarding holiday here with us:
Consistent side shore winds most of the year.
Very warm water all year round.
Tons of beach space all year round.
Choice of flat water or waves all year round.
Sandy lagoons inland.
White sandy beach.
Clear water.
No congestion and you have almost the whole beach to yourselves.
Very few obstructions ( no power lines or buildings anywhere near the coast ).
No sharks or lethal ocean creatures.
No pollution.
Setting up, Landing and launching facilities
Storage facilities.
Very convenient accommodation on kite spot.
Great alternative activities.
Paraisodobrasil is a well kept secret in the kiting world only known by the best.

WIND SEASON 12 months a year and always in sync with your holidays

There are several locations and there is always one which is perfect for kitesurfing lessons and kite surfing progression.
There is no risk of not having wind in any one location.
The winds in the North-East of Brazil are trade winds, meaning they are constant and reliable year to year.
Very seldom and only once in so many years there is a rainy season.
Kite sizes are less than average as there are normal as well as extreme conditions



"Esquina do Brasil" is a very convenient  kite surf spot and safe and easy for downwinders, with several kite centre bases and kite schools spread out at over 100 km apart you can have meals at other bases and kite home or have you picked up.

Discover all the secret kite surf spots where the individual traveler would never see or think of kite boarding on the RN - Brazil coast.
Great way to see the country and kite some interesting spots and make friends with other foreigners, Brazilians from all over the country and the locals.


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